Monday, February 21, 2011



A Gem is very precious but rare,
But a God-fearing woman is beyond compare.
She is God-fearing because she listens to the written word, obeying all God own words,
A man who has a true God-fearing wife, his life is free from much pain and strife.

After God made man wise and intelligent, he made woman tender and affectionate,
God brought the woman to the man to meet,
He said “This is what you need to be complete, from the top of her head, to the soul of her feet.”
She is to satisfy your every desire, set your mental, emotional and physical needs a fire,
Yes, God gave to man, his companion, his woman.

As the man looked at his woman, he was in constant ecstasy,
Never had he seen a woman so exotic in form, no, never to be scorned.
Sensual, delicate, tender this feminine one,
She had not said a word but she knew she was his woman.

With submissiveness, love and deep respect for him, she listens to him again and again,
She said, “I was created to please you, all the days of our life.”
She was ready to make love to him, because she knew he was her husband,
She was to be different from him but in everyway complement him she was his God-fearing woman.

He was the captain of his family; she was the 2nd mate,
She spoke her mind with deep respect, she accepted his decision to no ones regret.
Because she was God-fearing, she could not look at another man, she knew that her creator gave her only to her husband.
She presented her body to him as intoxicating wine,
Oh! How he enjoyed all of her body, oh! How fine.

Her body was pure for him to delight,
She was always a welcome presence in his sight.
God-fearing women today try hard as they might,
To satisfy their man as God instructed in the beginning of life. 
Composed by
Chester Randolph Sr
February 19, 2011